About Crystal Springs Chapter

The Crystal Springs Chapter was formed in 2005 and chartered in 2007. We currently have over 360 members who reside in Millbrae, Burlingame, Hillsborough, San Mateo or Foster City. The goal of the Crystal Springs Chapter is to inspire and empower women to succeed as confident, well-rounded, and socially aware contributors in their communities.

The Chapter Board is responsible for determining all aspects of participation for the Chapter members: calendar of meetings, events, activities for the year; dues, attendance, and participation requirements; bylaws, standing rules (operational procedures), philanthropy choices for the Chapter, etc. The Chapter Board of Directors meets once a month to conduct the business of the Chapter.

Our Organization

The mothers, known as Patronesses, meet monthly in Chapter-wide meetings. Patroness meetings are devoted to philanthropy work, special programs, activities and shaping the future direction of the Chapter. Mothers and daughters together help determine the philanthropic opportunities we serve. Patronesses take on leadership roles during their years with our Chapter to fulfill membership requirements. Examples of such positions are Board Member, Committee Chairman or Committee Member.

The daughters, known as Ticktockers (TTs), meet independently. They are organized by grade level, have their own elected officers, and have adult grade level advisors. Their meetings are planned around the Chapter’s NCL Experience/Six-Year Plan that is designed to promote educational, leadership and cultural objectives through programs, presentations, and field trips. They each have a philanthropic hours requirement, and are required to fulfill some leadership role each year. The TT program provides opportunities for girls to learn the joy of giving; to develop and practice leadership and social skills within their peer groups; and to develop cultural awareness in their community.

2015 Senior Recognition